Mojitos (Reg. 6.95 or Jumbo 9.25)      
  Controversial Mojito (Pyrat Rum and Patron Citronge muddled with fresh lime, sugar and fresh mint, topped off with club soda. It's not clear what's up with it but one sip and you'll be hooked)      
  Dragonberry Mojito (Bacardi Dragonberry Rum muddled with fresh lime, sugar and mint. Topped with club soda)      
  Pina Colada Mojito (Bacardi Rock Coconut Rum muddled with fresh lime, sugar and mint, then topped with club soda and pineapple juice)      
  Raspberry Mojito (Bacardi Silver Rum and Chambord, muddled with fresh lime, sugar and mint. Topped with club soda)      
  Classic Cocktails      
  Mexico's Best Long Island Tea (Stoli Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cazadores Tequila and Bacardi Silver Rum. Topped with sour mix and cola. Reg. 8.95 or Jumbo 10.95)      
  Tequila Sunrise (Milagro Silver Tequila, orange and cranberry juice. Mi Favorito!!! $6.95)      
  Patron Nation Cocktail (A mix of Patron Silver Tequila with blue curacao, pineapple and orange juices 8.95)      
  Ultimat Blue Ocean (Patron's Ultimat Vodka with blue curacao and grapefruit juice. A real wave! $7.95)      
  More Classic Cocktails (7.95)      
  Sailor's Rum Runner (Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, blackberry liqueur, orange juice and grenadine. A true Sailor's favorite)      
  Ultimat Mexican Mudslide (Patron's Ultimat Vodka, Bailey Irish Cream and Patron XO Cafe coffee liqueur blended to make the best mudslide!)      
  Latin Lover (Bacardi Rock Coconut Rum, melon, banana and peach liqueurs mixed with pineapple juice. It will turn you on!!!)      
  Bloody Mary (Smirnoff Vodka mixed with tomato juice and freshly squeezed lime with a touch of salt and pepper)      
  California Lemonade (Stoli Vodka, Remy Martin Cognac and Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed with grenadine, orange and lime juice. The one and only!)      
  Blue Hawaiian (Bacardi Silver Rum and blue curacao mixed with pineapple juice)      
  Hurricane (The New Orleans classic! Southern Comfort with a secret house mix of juices then topped wiht Gosling's Black Seal Rum. Que Desastre!)      
  Our Traditional Lime Margarita (Since 1990, on the rocks or frozen. Also try our flavored, colored margaritas; Blue: Orange flavor, Red: Pomegranate, Green: Melon, Purple: Raspberry. Reg. 5.95 or Jumbo 8.95)      
  Perfect Margarita (Made with Milagro Silver Tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and agave nectar. That's it! So fresh. Reg. 7.95 or Jumbo 11.95)      
  Cadillac Margarita (Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila blended with sweet & sour mix and a gentle float of Marnier to finish it off. Reg. 6.95 or Jumbo 9.95)      
  Organic Margarita (Made with Casa Noble Silver Tequila (USDA Certified Organic), fresh lime juice and agave nectar. This Margarita is sugar and gluten-free and is considered a "skinny" cocktail. Reg. 7.95 or Jumbo 11.95)      
  Presidente Margarita (Camarena Silver Tequila, Presidente Brandy and Triple Sec mixed perfectly with sweet & sour and lime juice. Reg. 7.95 or Jumbo 11.95)      
  Flavored Frozen Margarita (One Horse Margarita flavored with mango, strawberry, peach, banana or watermelon. Reg. 6.45 or Jumbo 9.95)      
  Frozen Drinks (Also Available in Non-Alcoholic      
  Rock Coconut Colada (Bacardi's Rock Coconut Rum, a blend of Rock, melon and light refreshing coconut water is fused with our house pina colada mix. Reg. 7.25 or Jumbo 9.95)      
  Strawberry-Dragon Fruit Daiquiri (Bacardi Dragonberry rum blended with our house strawberry mix. Reg. 7.25 or Jumbo 9.95)      
  Flavored Daiquiris (House Silver Rum blended with mango, peach, banana, wildberry or raspberry. Reg. 6.25 or Jumbo 9.95)      
  Martinis and Tequila      

Apple Martini (House vodka and Sour Apple

Schnapps with a splash of lemon juice, 7.95)

  Ultimat Cosmopolitan (Patron's Ultimat Vodka and Patron Citronge mixed with cranberry juice and a twist of lemon, 7.95)      
  South Of The Border (Patron Silver Tequila and Patron Citronge mixed wiht sweet & sour mix and finished with a salted rim, 7.95)      
  Limon Drop (Bacardi Limon Rum, Cointreau and fresh Lemon Juice, 7.95)      
  Dry and Dirty (Grey Goose Vodka and olive juice and none of that silly vermouth!, 7.95)      
  Tequila List      
  Avion - 7      
  Espolon - 6      
  Don Julio - 8      
  Milagro - 7      
  Casa Noble - 8      
  Patron - 8      
  Herradura - 8      
  Camarena - 6      
  Hornitos - 6      
  Cabo Wabo - 7      
  Avion - 9      
  Don Julio - 11      
  Milagro - 9      
  Patron - 10      
  Herradura - 10      
  Casa Noble - 10      
  Hornitos - 8      
  Cabo Wabo - 9      
  Corralejo - 9      
  Avion - 8      
  Espolon - 7      
  Don Julio - 10      
  Milagro - 8      
  Casa Noble - 9      
  Corralejo - 8      
  Patron - 9      
  Cazadores - 8      
  Camarena - 7      
  Hornitos - 7      
  Premium - 4.25 (Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Dos Equis (XX), Lager, Tecate, Pacifico, Corona, Corona Light, Heineken)      
  Domestic - 3.25 (Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, O'Doul's, Yuengling, Samuel Adams)      
  Draft (Ask your server for our selection)      
  Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (Glass - 4.75 or Tall Carafe - 13.95      
  Flan, Sopapillas, Fried Ice Cream, Churro (4.00)